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Wednesday, June 12th 2024

The Armory At Sage College

(130 New Scotland Ave, Albany, NY 12208) & Virtual

Co-Presented By Our Hunger Prevention Champions:

NYS Food Summit Virtual

Portions of the NYS Food Summit will be livestreamed and recorded. Please see the livestream here or the recording that will be available on our YouTube Page for free. 

Please see below for the full agenda of what will be available for the summit virtually.

9:00: Welcome Remarks

Welcome remarks will be promptly at 9:00 a.m. by Natasha Pernicka.

9:15: FED Talks

5-7 minutes presentations, in the style of TED talks, but about food.

Food is Love

Community building and the importance of food pantries from a lived experience perspective.

Kizzy Williams - The Cultural Center at 64 Quail Street - Allie B’s Cozy Kitchen.jpg
Kizzy Williams

The Cultural Center at 64 Quail Street/Allie B’s Cozy Kitchen

Home Delivery: Why it matters

We will present the results of a study of 213 pantry consumers who receive their groceries via home delivery vs. in-pantry visits. The sample consists of consumers who utilize pantries in four counties of the Capital Region. Our Fed talk will focus on why home delivery is a much needed service.

Cynthia Bott - Siena College.jpeg
Cynthia Bott

Siena College

Sarah Toledano

Siena College

Sarah Toledano - Siena College.jpg
New York’s Section 1115 Demonstration Waiver: How Nutrition Can Lean In

The recent approval of New York’s Medicaid Section 1115 Demonstration Waiver presents enormous opportunities to better address the connection between diet and health across the state. However, with these opportunities come new risks and challenges for nutrition organizations, health care providers, and plans. This FED talk will describe the 1115 Waiver initiative, and why it is so critical for nutrition stakeholders to lean in so that the waiver does not become a missed opportunity for the state.

Katie Garfield - CHILPI.jpg
Katie Garfield, JD

Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation, Harvard Law School

MTM Bill: Reaching Medicare Beneficiaries with medically tailored home-delivered meals

Medicare beneficiaries are often diagnosed with serious illnesses such as congestive heart failure, severe diabetes, chronic kidney disease and other diagnoses. Providing medically tailored home-delivered meals to individuals experiencing complex and severe illness has demonstrated that these meals yield a lower number of hospitalizations and a decrease in emergency room visits. Learn about The Medically Tailored Home-Delivered Meals Demonstration Act, an opportunity with bipartisan support to serve Medicare beneficiaries across the country over a period of four years. This FED talk will review the details of how meals are currently covered in Medicare and how the proposed Demonstration Act will provide the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) an opportunity to evaluate more fully how the model achieves savings and maintains or improves quality and where CMS has the authority to expand the model to be incorporated into the full Medicare program.

Dorella Walters - God's Love We Deliver.jpeg
Dorella Walters

God's Love We Deliver

Cultivating Connections: Strengthening the Safety Net through Collaboration

Dive into the transformative potential of relationship-building in reshaping local food systems. Focused on BIPOC and immigrant communities in upstate New York, they will share insights on fostering collaboration between government agencies, food partners, mutual aid networks and immigrant groups. Attendees will learn about the initiatives undertaken, shared practices of sustainability through partnership and collaborative projects supporting systemically underserved communities. The speakers will outline strategic steps, challenges faced, and innovative solutions implemented. This presentation aims to inspire actionable insights for organizations seeking to strengthen safety nets through collaborative partnerships and food justice efforts.

B. Kennedy - Columbia County Sanctuary Movement Comida Para La Gente.jpg
B. Kennedy (They/He)

Columbia County Sanctuary Movement

Jammella Anderson (they/them)

Free Food Fridge Albany

Jammella Anderson - Free Food Fridge Albany.jpeg

10:00: Keynote Speaker

Moving Beyond the Curtain: Food Insecurity and The Yellow Brick Road Out of OZ

For decades front line emergency food providers have hungered to make sustainable and impactful community based change, have worked long hours to meet community need, and have often scraped by with the deepest levels of care and shallowest levels of external support. In this talk, West Side Campaign Against Hunger CEO and founder of the Roundtable NYC will dive deep into the work of West Side Campaign Against Hunger, The Roundtable and The Alliance for a Hunger Free NY to showcase the power of collaboration across our vast frontline network. As a dad with two young girls, Greg knows the power of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, and in this talk he will focus beyond the curtain and on the collaborative road we can take towards truly making sustainable change in our communities across the state.

10:30: Keynote Responders

Several experts will pull on their expertise in various fields to respond to Chef Greg Silverman's remarks on how we can truly make sustainable change in our communities.

Whitley Hasty


Annette Nielsen

Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center

Assemblymember Angelo Santabarbara

NYS 111th Assembly District

Joel Berg

Hunger Free America

11:15: Break for Lunch

12:00: Session 1

Advocacy 101: Your Questions Answered

Explore the fundamentals of effective advocacy in our Q&A session. Join experts as they share insights and tips on lobbying tactics, preparation, and more. This interactive discussion offers a candid look at the advocacy process, providing attendees with valuable knowledge to navigate and engage in meaningful advocacy efforts. Bring your questions and join us for an informative session designed to empower individuals to make a difference in their communities through effective advocacy practices.

1:00: Session 2

FAM Providers: Balancing Tailoring to the Individual While Serving Larger Populations

Hear from Food as Medicine providers about how they balance tailoring their services to individuals and also how they manage larger operations.

2:00: Session 3

The Food Sovereignty Fund: investing in shared abundance

Originating in a year’s worth of community conversations and resource sharing, Glynwood’s Food Sovereignty Fund has been contracting small-scale farmers from historically marginalized backgrounds to supply fresh, nutrient-dense, culturally significant food to frontline food access programs since 2020. To date, more than 230,000 pounds of vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat, and poultry have been distributed, and in 2023 approximately 15,000 households received food through the program. In 2024, the Food Sovereignty Fund will support and facilitate partnerships between approximately forty farms and food access programs. Critical elements of the program that will be discussed are the process for contracting farms and reporting deliveries, building and operating refrigerated “mini-hubs” for aggregation and distribution of food, and implementing language justice practices with the program cohort. This panel features the experts on the ground (farmers, organizers, food pantry managers) who designed and implement this program. It will also preview the forthcoming Food Sovereignty Fund toolkit that summarizes challenges, lessons learned, and suggested best practices for others to adopt and replicate this program in their communities.

3:00: Session 3

Children Speak on Food Access

Along with South End Children's Cafe's Board Vice President, Antionette Santos, Nyree, age 12, Javion, age 12, Bella, age 9 and Lily, age 9 will talk about the importance of having access to healthy foods, their experiences sharing meals at the Children's Cafe for the past 5 years and how to get children to try and eat healthy foods.

4:00: Closing Remarks

Food Summit Logo.654d34695a6687.69645606.png

Wednesday, June 12th 2024

The Armory At Sage College

(130 New Scotland Ave, Albany, NY 12208) & Virtual

Co-Presented By Our Hunger Prevention Champions:

Our Supporters:

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