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With food inflation rates rising, demand for emergency food services is at an all time high. Our work would be impossible without donors who help us fill the gap.


The Alliance for a Hunger Free New York is a member-driven coalition of frontline emergency food providers across New York State. Our work is to amplify the collective voices and build a supportive network of frontline community food providers, like food pantries and community meals programs, as well community members experiencing food insecurity. Our vision is a hunger free New York.

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We are food pantries

The Alliance is a member-driven coalition of frontline community food providers across New York State, we have members in 27 counties and growing.


Each year The Alliance for a Hunger Free New York convenes all our members and prospective members to meet in person (with a virtual option) to review the year, discuss advocacy priorities, and things to look out for in the coming year.
2024 Annual Alliance Member Meeting
The Food Summit is a biennial event designed to bring together food assistance
providers, academics, advocates, and communities across New York. The all-day
symposium style event aims to educate and share best practices, research, and
innovations in hunger relief efforts.

This year the event will be held in June 12th, 2024 at the Armory at Russell Sage College.
We are expecting 400 in-person participants and 500 virtual participants. The focus areas
for discussion will be:
• Strengthening the Food Assistance Networks
• Food as Medicine
• Anti-Hunger Advocacy and Action
NYS Food Summit
The Alliance convenes a group of anti-hunger stakeholders across New York State to share different advocacy efforts that push the needle towards a hunger free New York.

Participants in the committee come from all areas of anti-hunger work and policy experience.

The group meets the second Thursday of every month on Zoom to share updates and events and learn more about specific policy information.
Collaborative Anti-Hunger Advocacy Committee
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